How often do I need to come for sessions?

 3 sessions is a good starting place. After the first session you will get an idea of how your body is responding to the therapy. Sessions are usually weekly unless the issue in acute. When your condition is improving, fortnightly sessions can be sufficient. Once there is some resolution, you can come for a top-up whenever necessary.

What does Biodynamic mean? How does it differ from other Craniosacral therapy?

Biodynamic is a very gentle form of Craniosacral Therapy. It requires that the practitioner focuses on the Health already present in the body, and allows the client's system to prioritise the focus of the session. This differs from an approach where the practitioner may have pre-set ideas on the presenting issues, or how they are to be healed. Biodynamic practitioners listen and support the body's intelligence to express its own inherent healing plan. Therefore healing feels very natural and safe, as it comes from within.

Is Cranio compatible with other forms of treatment?

As this is a very gentle and non-manipulative therapy, it is compatible with most forms of treatment and medication. If you have any possible concerns, please speak to your practitioner.

What happens during a session?

A typical session lasts for just over an hour for the first visit, and about 45-60mins for subsequent visits. Children's follow-up sessions are about half an hour. In the initial session, the practitioner will discuss with you your health history and reasons why you have come for treatment. Major accidents, a difficult birth, or even extensive dental work can have major long-term effects in the body, so this information assists in assessing the factors that contribute to the overall health of your system.

You will then be asked to lie fully clothed on a massage table, usually on your back. The practitioner will hold your body at certain points for periods of time. The most common places are the occiput (back of the head), ankles, or sacrum (base of the spine), depending on your particular needs. During this holding time the practitioner palpates the health and patterns of stress within your body's system. They will dialogue with you during the treatment what they can feel, and how you are responding to the presenting issues.

The skill of the practitioner is this unique sense of touch that creates a sense of safety, and engenders a deep state of physical and emotional relaxation. In this deep state the body aligns itself according to its own innate intelligence, and can make deep changes on a core level. Depending on the outcome of the session the practitioner will give you an idea of how many sessions it will take to work with your particular issues. Usually within 3 sessions you can get a good idea if the therapy is going to work for your issue. Sessions are usually weekly, however this depends on the specific needs of your condition.

For mothers and babies the sessions are usually shorter and more frequent.