About Cranio

What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a form of body therapy that focuses on the underlying health and inherent intelligence in the body. It is a physical therapy, yet it is gentle, non-manipulative and suitable for all ages and conditions. BCST grew out of Osteopathy, with the first insights into the process developing around 100 years ago. 


In the Craniosacral approach, the spinal axis embodies the original plan or matrix for the growth of the human body. From an embryological perspective, the first structure of the body to form in the cellular mass is the primitive streak – the precursor of the spine, from which the body develops.  As the spine grows and buds, the whole embryo is essentially living in an aquatic environment, bathed in nutrient fluids. 


Within these fluids are subtle rhythmic movements or ‘tides’ that are still palpable in our bodies today. These surges are especially pronounced in the Cerebral Spinal Fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. This liquid plasma flows volumetrically within a membranous system around these sensitive organs, in rhythms that vary in strength and speed. This spinal streaming influences the entirety of cellular fluids; and the whole body gently expands and contracts in relationship to these tidal movements. This is known in Cranio work as The Breath of Life, and the power and breadth of its flow is an indicator of our deepest health. Pressure from internal or external forces, stress or injury can impede this flow in various ways. 


The skill of the practitioner is the highly developed sensitivity to palpate these subtle flows and observe patterns of tension and inertia that are causing disconnection or blockage. This special type of touch creates a space that allows and acknowledges health. The presence of the practitioner becomes like a guiding mirror to the client’s body – reflecting back where resolution may be needed. This stimulates the innate intelligence of the client's body to adjust and reconnect to the original cellular plan, thereby allowing the possibility of healing at a core level.


As BCST is a holistic therapy, it is always working towards a harmonic unity of your body. If given the chance, our bodies naturally move towards heath! Memories, trauma and emotion are often wound up with physical tensions, and are gently released in a natural and supportive way during a session. It is most well-known for its work with trauma, anxiety, and mothers and babies. However there are many conditions that may benefit from Cranio. It is also a wonderful therapy to experience if you have nothing 'wrong', as being in touch with your inner fluid-health can be a very blissful experience.