SunSeed Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Note: I am now on leave until 2020

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a unique therapy that focuses on your health -  your inborn life force. As your inner intelligence built you cell by cell, your body has an internal 'blueprint' and the natural capacity to heal itself. The hands-on technique used by the practitioner gently encourages potency within your body to adjust itself according to this innate knowledge.

Our bodies hold our physical, mental and emotional histories. The special type of light touch used by the therapist encourages the body to relax and connect to an inner stillness. This allows the body to deepen and reveal latent patterns of tension. In this safe and supportive environment the internal health of the body naturally begins to release these issues. The therapist holds and supports these patterns of expression and unwinding in a gentle and compassionate manner. 

Who is it for?

As Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is very gentle and non-manipulative it is suitable for babies through to the elderly. It is well known for its holistic approach - acknowledging the inherent unity of body, mind and spirit. 


What conditions can it help?

The following is a list of some of the wide range of conditions that may respond favourably to Craniosacral Therapy:

Back pain 
Birth trauma 
Bladder conditions
Bone disorders
Cerebal Palsy
Chronic Fatigue
Dental/jaw/TMJ trauma

Digestive problems
Emotional issues
Fluid retention
Hearing issues
Hormonal issues
High blood pressure
Insomnia/sleep disorders 
Joint disorders 
Low immunity/MS/ME 

Menstrual Pain/migraines
Morning sickness
Muscular pain
Nervous disorders
Postnatal depression
Premature birth
Sprains/strains/sports injuries
Visual problems 




The body is the shore on the ocean of being.
Sufi Proverb 


As my session came to a close my first thought was - I haven't felt that still for generations. Days later that delicious stillness is still present. Even my handwriting is smoother. Thank you.

R.H., Sydney

Having experienced multiple healing modalities with limited success, I would strongly recommend Sakina and her healing abilities. I initially came to Sakina after I was referred to her and it is with much happiness that I can now see both tangible and intangible benefits from the treatments. My initial issue was RSI related only, but through our sessions I am seeing extra results in my general well-being. I feel calmer, less stressed and generally much happier. I strongly urge you to see how Sakina can help you too! 
Gabriel, Sydney


Thoroughly loved my first Cranial Sacral therapy. I was experiencing symptoms of stress and emotional tension. The session for me felt like the systems in my body were given a period of rest and restoration. I felt a deep sense of relaxation. Sakina has a lovely calming presence,that of a natural healer.I will definately have more sessions in the future.

B David, Sydney   

I have had a number of sessions with Sakina over the last 2 years. I have found them to be profoundly relaxing and I really feel Sakina has “healing Hands” she has a gift.  Before my last session I had been experiencing pins and needles down my arm and a very aching shoulder. After the session I felt wonderful relief and within a couple of days the pain was completely gone.

 Jeannine, Auckland


After trying numerous therapies over a long time, Craniosacral Therapy is one of the most powerful & complete treatments I have had. It really gave me a sense of how interconnected our body is and how good it can feel to be working harmoniously again. My body issues are really old and deep so my body needed to peel away each imbalance to get to the deeper issues. It's amazing how one issue can set off a chain reaction! I would describe CST as being like blue tooth between two bodies, your therapist and you. I came away feeling like I had had a whole body massage! Highly enjoyable, everybody could use some.

Mel, Auckland


felt like a completely different person afterwards - like I started on full-speed & now feel like I am floating on water 

Nikki, Auckland